Books There are a lot of books written on a wide range of subjects both as professionally commissioned and self-published. Starting with the history of the country and the residual effects of the Khmer Rouge through to best practice for volunteers and NGOs. Vocational Training Vocational training, practical skills and creative learning are all essential for the development of Cambodia's economic growth, however due to the very limited subject range available in schools, work skills are usually learned 'on the job'. There is a huge demand for more practical training and adult education, so please use this category to offer your support, share information and save time and resources in your own projects. Khmer To get the best out of Cambodia its important to spend some time learning the language, a little time invested in learning Khmer will go a long way to support the work you're doing. Additionally getting to grips with some of the sometimes confusing cultural differences will help make your time here a positive experience. English Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) is a popular route for volunteers. Unfortunately due to the short term nature of many placements and the lack of handover or continuity, any good intentions are easily eroded and can end in confusion rather than adding value. Teachers often arrive having pre planned their own lessons which is not ideal, there is an opportunity to create much more continuity within this space. Additionally, short term teachers can provide a far greater impact and sustainability by teaching Cambodian teachers to teach English instead of developing brief, unsettling relationships with the children.
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