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Education is the key to sustainable growth in all areas of Cambodia's development and economy. This encompasses not only schools, but all people wanting to build a better future for themselves or their community. Besides Cambodian citizens, volunteers and NGOs are also in need of education on cultural change, child protection and Khmer language and even the law. Use this category to share information and support the idea of teachers teaching teachers a wider range of subjects and a more effective form of delivery. Virtually all citizens wishing to earn a better living have a thirst to learn, and the subject range is huge.


The population is on a sharp increase and healthcare, sanitation and supporting services are yet to catch up! If you offer a service or are looking for support in any of these areas, please use this category for doctors, hospitals, medical emergencies, pharmacies, prevention of disease, first aid training, nutritional training, women's health - See also Social Welfare category for elderly, child protection, drug and alcohol addictions, HIV, prostitution and trafficking.

People with Disabilities

Cambodia's disabled have a unique set of challenges both from a cultural and practical point of view. Added to this is the unusually high per capita ratio of disabled due to land mine accidents, prevalent tuberculosis, domestic and traffic accidents. As all citizens are required to earn a living and pay for medical assistance, low income disabled people have an even greater daily survival challenge than the average person.


There's never been a better time to focus on the Environment in Cambodia, with the growing use of plastic, the threat of drought and lack of infrastructure, we have so many challenges. The exciting thing is we are able to implement major initiatives and see huge success in a short time. Whatever your strategy or goal use this section to collaborate, educate and implement with sustainable results.


The demand for technology is increasing rapidly, both in hardware and in training. Use this category to look for support for education, online learning, training and helping organizations to achieve their goals. If you are an IT teacher, an programmer or provide a service of any kind, this is also the place for you to share and support this rapid growth area.

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