A school in the cloud in Cambodia, failure or success?

I want to chat about this for so long, I have seen so many projects failing and #oneweeksaviours more obsessed about the technologies than the problem.

Geeks love their toys, they want to implement them so much that they forget about the main problem

#True Story: A school in the cloud with no teachers#
A nice project in a district of Siem Reap Province, 30km away from the city center with big sponsors using Chrome Books and a famous Online Learning platform.

At this location, the Internet coverage is none, having enough bandwidth to use the Chrome Books in a useful manner would require adding a 30,000 dollars antenna.

Online learning was impossible in this scenario and the funding would end because it is aiming at the use of technologies (ICT4D) but not at the problem itself.

##The obvious way : without technologies##
The initial project is no-more, however, one of the initial members who care more about the cause then the hardware had a pretty clever idea…

###Just bring the kids to town.###

He built a school in Siem Reap by himself and added dorm beds, the kids can stay there all week and their parents can visit them as much as they want.

disclaimer : There is solution for offline education with technologies, I will write a topic on this.

##A cause-centric approach using existing resources##
Using local computer schools or Internet Cafés.

There is also a ton of “internet centre/cafe” in town at 50 cents per hour per person or small computer school, the later or empty all day long because the classes start at 5-6 pm, so why don’t we use them ? There is also empty University classrooms during the afternoon.

Can we just share resources?

As a proof of concept, I made the following calculations. You can replace “Chrome Book” by any laptop or cheap computer.

Are we on the same page?

Let’s build together a stack of tools, data, ideas and methodologies that anyone can use and contribute to.

Simply register and create/contribute to any topic in the ICT4D section to get started!

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I discussed this on Facebook Group, but I wasn’t sure about the goal of the post which was obscure. Also, I couldn’t get the point of the person behind it. Thanks for clarifying it because I’m interested in education projects.

Coming from the tech industry and working on cutting-edge technologies, the idea of “school in the cloud” is the obvious solution to me, not the other way round. As you may know, for every problem we think only software is a solution :slight_smile: and we forget to see the whole picture.

I’d suggest to not only look at tech-centric, “obvious-centric”, cause-centric, as we might not be able to solve the problem efficiently. I believe we should have a human-centric approach, understand their pains and needs in order to come up with innovative ideas.

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