Broken Electronics - Repair Café

#Broken Electronics to NGO#

Life Behind the Bar

This Life Cambodia use to collect broken electronics for their Life Behind the Bar Program.

Collection points

  1. New Leaf Café

##Lotus Kids Club##
Broken, non functioning small appliances or electronics. We would like them for our older children at Lotus Kids Club to take apart and see how they work. Contact Steve Mojica

##Science and Engineering Club of Hun Sen Wat Svay High School ##
###Lori Carlson###
We’ve been collecting broken down parts for our high school science club kids who are building interesting things from repurposed parts. Just send a shout out into the community, there are certainly enough broken things in siem reap to go around~!

#Repair Café#

Contact Jeff @AngkorHUB if interested to participate in creating one in Siem Reap.

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We have few tools at AngkorHUB if anyone interested, multimeter, soldering iron, solder vaacum “sucker”, shrinking cables, etc …

That’s interesting, maybe a reason to start a maker community in Siem Reap, I visited Fab Café in Japan and Taiwan , also MakeBar, it might be a good inspiration for you.

Thank you Marcel, I want to do this for a long time …

The motivation is not the problem.

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