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Bamboo Straws

Mr. Bamboo Straw


a bit shorter than the plastic straws is 25 cent (17 cm), 20 cm is 50 cent ( the same length as the usual plastic straw), and 25 cm is 75 cent, it is a bit longer than the plastic straw.

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Saarti shop have these bamboo straw in stick in Kandal Village

Cane Fiber Containers

Eco-Sense Cambodia

Cambodia Disposable Eco-Packaging

Disposable Packaging (Cups, take away containers)

Banana Paper

Kumae Project

Biodegradable Bags


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Other biodegradable packaging including; recycled paper napkins, bags, straws (paper or biodegradable plastic), cups and containers are available from Cambodia Hotels Supply

Yes, we have listed them under their other brand Cambodia Disposable Eco-Packaging