Khmer teacher training- outcome focused discussion- 29.04.2016

Let’s discuss and find solutions together to the question "Is there Khmer English teacher training available?’ and if so “How?” , “What?” and “Where?” . There will also be the following discussion points:

  • Which already existing organisations provide what training?
  • What kind of training is appropriate?
  • Lessons learnt from previous training rounds
    It will be a structured discussion which focusses on everyone walking away with additional knowledge, contacts or even a training plan.

Looking forward to seeing you there. Please invite other people who can contribute valuable information and want to be a part of this collaborational event.

Kind Regards

Cindy Debes
CEO Hands Across the World

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Is this an event, meet up? I guess I have just missed it, please give more details about the time and location next time, I’d like to join. That’s a nice project, keep it up! :slight_smile:

You might have seen this, but I will share anyway:

The Secret to Finland’s Success: Educating Teachers

No single thing can explain Finland’s outstanding educational performance. However, most analysts observe that excellent teachers play a critical role. Among the successful practices that we can take from Finland are:

  • The development of rigorous, research based teacher education programs that prepare teachers in content, pedagogy, and educational theory, as well as the capacity to do their own research, and that include field work mentored by expert veterans;

  • Significant financial support for teacher education, professional development, reasonable and equitable salaries, and supportive working conditions;

  • The creation of a respected profession in which teachers have considerable authority and autonomy, including responsibility for curriculum design and student assessment, which engages them in the ongoing analysis and refinement of practice.

Teachers’ capacity to teach in classrooms and work collaboratively in professional communities has been systematically built through academic teacher education. In addition, a critical condition for attracting the most able young people to teaching is that teacher’s work is an independent and respected profession, rather than just a technical implementation of externally mandated standards and tests. Teachers’ strong competence and preparedness creates the prerequisite for the professional autonomy that makes teaching a valued career.

See full research (Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education ~ Research Brief):


HEI Schools
HEI Schools is an international preschool concept based on the Finnish educational expertise and Nordic approach to design in architecture, interior, learning materials and service. University of Helsinki is a HEI Schools founding partner.

Start a HEI School
HEI Schools Group is licensing the model (including tools and educational materials) to schools fulfilling the required quality criteria, creating a network of certified network schools.

Blue School NY
Blue School has developed an education model which combines elements of other approaches and unique elements of its own. It offers a dynamically balanced education for seriously curious young people age 2 through grade 8.

(Is the government really doing something?)

Cambodia Ministry of Education - Training Information
The primary objective of this program is to ensure an effective supply of teachers for all education levels so as to respond to the education system expansion through upgrading the competencies of TTC managers and education administrators, teacher trainers, school principals and other key staff of the MOEYS.

Hi Marcel,

Please join the group Teacher Training Siem Reap on Facebook to find out about the next training.

Kind Regards

Cindy Debes

Thanks Cindy, I didn’t know about the group. I’m joining now.

Just hoping Facebook will sponsor this website :slight_smile:

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