List of Organisations helping people with Disabilities

  • KILT
  • Genevieve’s Fair Trade Village
  • K.K.O

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Safe Haven Medical outreach serves children age 0-18 who are living with disabilities in five districts of Siem Reap Province.

Services available:

  • physiotherapy
  • occupational therapy
  • heath assessment and education
  • social work
  • nutrition education and support
  • dental and hygiene education and support
  • support for transportation to medical and dental appointments
  • wheelchairs, walking frames and other equipment
  • toy library and education for parents about the therapeutic value of play

Contact info:
English: [email protected]
Khmer & English: [email protected]

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Full Belly Farm - Siem Reap

The Full Belly Farm is a small organic urban farm in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Its primary focus will be as a wheelchair accessible development project serving persons with disabilities. It will operate as an organic farm, but it will now also include:

  • vocational education opportunities for persons with disabilities in the area of agriculture;
  • livelihood development opportunities for persons with disabilities;
  • a small residential program to help stabilize the lives of homeless/near homeless persons with disabilities;
  • employment for persons with disabilities;
  • a portal for access and inclusion in the broader community for persons with disabilities;
  • capacity development towards project management for persons with disabilities.

Cambodian Diabetes Association - Siem Reap Branch

The Cambodian Diabetes Association, Siem Reap Branch (CDA SRB) is determined to dramatically reduce the number of Cambodians developing diabetes through education and primary prevention.

By way of early diagnosis, affordable, quality treatment and understanding of the nature of diabetes, CDA SRB’s mission is to enable hundreds of thousands of Cambodians living with diabetes to successfully manage their diabetes and delay the onset of associated complications.