Medical error and unnecessary lost of life

Who care to take this to the next level?

Are these doctors/clinicians legally registered in Cambodia?
[me]: both. some registered one made all these incident. Some unregistered one even made more worse incident eg. the whole village in a province in Cambodia got HIV because of an amateur doctor (hundreds of people).
[Health care IT professional] This is something that the authorities have to step in to fine tune their regulated doctors or even WHO and some of the NGOs.

What is the regulation for certified doctors?
[me]: There should be something which I am not personally aware but the thing is, it doesn’t help anything. If it existed it is even worse because it did nothing to stop all these incidents.
[Health care IT professional] Authorities and NGOs will have to be aware of this to make the changes….it is not something or someone or some companies can do it alone.

Where they get the serum? Is there investigation or reported after incidents happened to the authority?
[me]: It is a normal serum, they could obtain it from different channels which is not something I know. Usually, the victims’ families cannot do anything beside accept a small pay. Authority is not something these population can rely on, even they could, what else can be done to reverse the tragedy? parents loss small child at young age, husband loses wife at child birth, they all are life time damage.
[Health care IT professional] Yes, this is indeed tragic…for such to happen. Nothing cannot be done to the past unless authorities or some groups step in. What can be done is to prevent such from happening in the future.

As for happening in clinic and national hospitals?
[me]: It could be both and everywhere. It happen to the poor and the rich.

What post autopsies have been done or causes – as it can be from diagnosis taken, treatment given and medication precribed…any of the areas. All these areas can cause medical errors…including human errors for misinterpreting of clinicians’ handwriting by nurses or pharmacists.
[me]: Nobody took serious steps to work on all of these.
[Health care IT professional] Then it will have to come down to NGOs or Social Entreprise to create that awareness. It can also be someone or a group to lobby with the right groups in the government or NGOs to lead the way.

Small steps might need to be taken but start with hospitals and clinics/ health workers.
[me]: What I could do as an IT professional and a citizen and startup?
[Health care IT professional] You are right in your points stated but the (your) world is not going to change overnight. As mentioned above, start a Social Enterprise with an objectives to drive the changes and awareness that you had stated.