Plastics for Purpose

Hi Everyone,
Project Everest is looking to speak with anyone involved in recycled plastics products in Siem Reap.

For example, we would be interested in determining whether the development of a number of plastic recycling machines that convert plastic waste products into input materials for other manufacturing processes is a viable prospect. One example of a machine that would do this is Dave Hakkens’ open source Precious Plastic machine.

As with all of the projects we run, the way we aim to achieve this impact is through business which will provide a socially beneficial good or service, thus ensuring that our impact is positive and measurable.

Obviously we are open to any other suggestions and input you have that may be of relevance regarding the technical or cultural elements that will need to be addressed.

Please let us know if you have experience with recycling plastic, know where to source parts for the Precious Plastics machine or whether you just want to give us your two cents worth of advice!

Here is a brief introduction to who we are:

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