This Platform needs a name, what you have in mind?

At first, this site was build to share contacts on topics responsible organizations are caring about. Quickly, we realized that the need was bigger, this is not just a directory, but a platform to share resources, documents, tips, contacts, helping volunteers and social businesses to collaborate and stop re-inventing the wheel.

So far, we came up with ideas such as The Platform, The Impact Exchange, etc …

Any ideas?

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Feel free to add more , new up to date poll here



The Exchange, Cambodia Connect, Networkers Directory, Cambodian Central, Unite and Share, The Cambodian Connection, Link Direct, Direct Link,

+1 Community.angkorhub

AngkorHub would make sense, but you are already using it. Maybe something short as a subdomain:,,

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+1 for understanding AngkorHUB :slight_smile:
That is the goal to share in real life, a space, insights, advice, etc.

Like your suggestions a lot. (share. and colab.).

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I have added a poll here

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