Village Chiefs around Siem Reap

Hello friends !

I am wandering if any of you know an organization in contact with all village or commune chiefs, if there any index available ? How does it work ?


Hello Jeff,

APSARA Authority has the list for the villages inside Angkor park: maybe you can ask for it (if you are patient you might get it one day)…

Maybe the province has all them, or at least the district offices.

Why do you want it and from which area?


Microfinance firms like AMK and others got Business Intelligence system that tell exactly how many customers in a village and their staff meet with village chief more often than the population in the area.

Some links to have a look:

@Cecile do you think you can have this ? We want to reach out to talk about initiatives such as the eco-cooler and liter of light, they can attend the making process next Sunday.

@RithyAAI have some spare time as well ?

@Jeff Can we chat about this? It is not working to get village chief to the event…