What are the main problems of Cambodian education system?

The goal of this topic is to understand the problems in the education system and how the children and teachers are feeling. This is a step into a human-centric approach to understand the problems and solve it efficiently.

I’ve made this mind-map to list down the problems and collaborate:

I also found this report which might be outdated:

If you have any reports or research about the education in Cambodia, please share here.

Awesome post @marcel

@Cindy have created a Facebook group but I suggest to keep long-term info accessible. (Facebook is too short-term)

I will send the link to this topic to some education experts I know.

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Thank you but another Facebook group? So many groups working on the same thing.Here is the link to the group which was formed after our first meeting, can’t you use this one?

No I meant you created a Facebook group already.


:slight_smile: Yes, I have. Only to organise the project team which is going to implement the Teacher training program. We do need a platform (;-)) thought on which all the teachers can share resources, materials, worksheeets, videos etc. and your name popped up with this idea. Can you design a tab (or maybe its already in place) for all the teachers to share materials?

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On the top there is an EDUCATION link … bringing you to the learning section, however we can change for anything else, what you have in mind?

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